A Legitimate Quest

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A Legitimate Quest by TestPattern
  1. Prologue
  2. Recap Adventures
  3. Chapter 37

Started on Goblin Choking Day, and follows the adventures of COMMANDER JAMES MISJIZDRAN MISFORTUNE 67c611, MIGHTY PIRATE. He is the manliest TOZVRYXIEN and gets all the ladies. Also the men. He flies around shooting laser beams and saving the world.

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Crew of the Zelnick

As of Chapter 37.

Lt Cmdr Liu
Indahl, probably science officer.
Lt Cmdr Tla
Indahl logistics officer.
Lt Cmdr Juraj Throwsbarrels
Mountain Lazuhrek Chief of Security.
Dr George Alphabet
Mechanoid doctor. (Not his real surname.)
Chief Engineer Myrel
Engineering chief. (Might be a Nevrean, given past oCs.)
Lt Gol
Maurian pilot.
Ensign Alera
Ensign Glitterbolt
Pegasus pony.
Second Cousin Slent

And two other Mountain Lazuhreks among the remaining crew.


The commander has made one additional appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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